Sooner or later

They told us that labor would be hard, but I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say that the _waiting_ for labor would be so hard! (Maybe you forget this part once it’s all over.) But there’s a curious phenomenon: we have to keep wrestling our own experience down to keep our eyes on something bigger that we know to be true. Continue reading “Sooner or later”

Still at play

We had a friend over the other day who’s not quite five years old. He was interested in a couple of simple clay objects out on our livingroom table (a large ring and a chunky heart). He asked who made them, and when we said that we had, he asked in amazement — “You still have clay?”

We hope he’ll always remember that, yes, even grown-ups can goof around with the arts. :)

Tracking Baby

With help from our anticipated tax refund, last night I ordered a new digital camera. When it arrives, it will replace the one I still think of as “new,” but which is almost five years old. So now I’m waiting for _two_ little deliveries. The difference is, I get a FedEx tracking number for the camera so I can expect it on Monday. I want a tracking number for Baby! Continue reading “Tracking Baby”

Baby Catcher review

Baby CatcherIt just occurred to me that some readers of Boyds’ Nest News might be interested in “my recent book review”: of Peggy Vincent’s _Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife_. That is all.

A new friend

Mostly, I just can’t wait to meet her. We’re very conscious that we already _have_ a baby: she’s just an “indoor baby” and we’re waiting for her to be an “outdoor baby” (as our friend Melanie put it). There are three people who live in our house already.

But we haven’t _met_ her yet. Continue reading “A new friend”

Want to help with meals?

We imagine that some of you might want to help out with meals now that Lucy has been born. (It sure is a perfect excuse to come over and meet her!) If so, please get in touch with our Field Marshall of Meals, Dora. You can reach her at dorame {at} uwalumni {dot} com. She’ll be delighted to find you a spot in the schedule. Thanks!