Tracking Baby

With help from our anticipated tax refund, last night I ordered a new digital camera. When it arrives, it will replace the one I still think of as “new,” but which is almost five years old. So now I’m waiting for _two_ little deliveries. The difference is, I get a FedEx tracking number for the camera so I can expect it on Monday. I want a tracking number for Baby!

In case you’re wondering, the new camera is a “Canon Powershot S2 IS”: Key features we’re looking forward to include:
* 12X zoom (432 mm)
* image stabilization
* time-lapse photos (that is, an intervalometer)
* VGA-resolution movies, with stereo audio and zoom capabilities while shooting
* AA batteries

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  1. I want pictures of baby with the new camera! Maybe she is waiting for the camera to arrive. She wants diamonds AND high-resolution photos. Classy Baby Boyd!

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