Sweet apple

Rosie on September 24, 2011, at the Homestead Orchard, Woodstock, Illinois.

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Wedding photography

p{color:gray}. Photo: Rosie, Lucy, and Ann at the wedding of Lydia Sidrak and Josh Hare at Grace Episcopal Church, Madison, Wisconsin, on July 23, 2011.

A new specialty of ours is wedding photography. No, not photographing *your* wedding, but photographing ourselves *at* your wedding. Here’s our latest foray, reminding us a little of “another Wisconsin wedding photo”:/news/2010/our-joyful-storehouse-of-memories/ from “a special day”:/news/2010/a-day-of-whys/ last fall.

First things first

When Lucy set out to “furnish” the interior of a newly constructed Lego log cabin, the very first thing she set up was “the computer” (followed closely by a treasure chest of jewels).