A futile form of protest

Sigh. Where is that baby? I don’t know quite how to protest the delay, so I’m doing it with frivolity. Starting last Sunday (her due date), I’m running an obstetrics-related series over at the “Wasted-Domain Wishlist”:http://www.octothorp.us/wasted/. Today’s entry in the hall of shame: “fullydilated.com”:http://www.octothorp.us/wasted/000495.html.

Bon voyage

If you could peek through our windows, you might think we were going on vacation. We’ve got a couple suitcases packed. There’s a big bag of granola bars and snacks ready to go. We’re doing last-minute laundry. There is a checklist on the diningroom table of last-minute things to remember: Continue reading “Bon voyage”

Sooner or later

They told us that labor would be hard, but I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say that the _waiting_ for labor would be so hard! (Maybe you forget this part once it’s all over.) But there’s a curious phenomenon: we have to keep wrestling our own experience down to keep our eyes on something bigger that we know to be true. Continue reading “Sooner or later”