Post-partum cravings

I’ve been composing a mental list of all the things I plan to eat once Belly Baby emerges. It’s getting so long I thought I should write it down somewhere so I don’t forget anything!

Post-partum cravings

p{color:gray}. Photo: The last day I could eat any of this yummy stuff, July 20, 2007 — the day we learned I was carrying Boyd Girl #2.

The list is a bit unusual. A lot of these delectables aren’t things that I eat regularly (even when I’m not pregnant), and there are even some things I hardly *ever* eat. But living with the diet prohibitions that come with pregnancy just makes me want to eat them!

Many of these items I *have* been able to eat with modifications: lunchmeat (heated until steaming), cheeses (double-checking that they are pasteurized), soft-cooked eggs (using “Davidson’s pasteurized eggs”: But I’m just looking forward to throwing caution to the wind! So without further ado, here is my list:


* a nice Italian chianti, preferably with some crusty bread and good olive oil
* a chilly and sweet Riesling
* a “Gingertini” from “Ben Pao”:
* my favorite sangria from “Andie’s Restaurant”:
* apple cider from an apple orchard, unpasteurized (I’ll have to wait until the fall for that)
* a yummy port of Jon’s choosing, with a cheese course


* soft-cooked eggs — sunny-side up, poached, soft-boiled. I’ve been intrigued by a recipe in Nigella Lawson’s “latest cookbook”: for creamy baked eggs and buttered toast fingers: “ouefs en cocotte.”
* “carpaccio”:, preferably from one of the “Francesca restaurants”:
* “caprese salad”:
* raw oysters, probably from “Davis Street Fishmarket”:
* sushi! sushi! sushi!
* a tall turkey lunchmeat sandwich with lettuce, pickles, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard, avocado…
* soft cheeses: Brie, Camembert, Saint André. In fact, I just want to order a cheese course from a fancy restaurant and not have to ask if the cheeses are pasteurized!
* paté (I never eat this, but right now I want it!)
* summer sausage
* a liverwurst sandwich on rye bread
* chocolate mousse
* real buttercream frosting
* raw chocolate-chip-cookie dough
* a nice rare filet mignon
* a molten chocolate cake (yes, a whole one — they’re small)

Yummy! At least now I know where I’ll be getting those extra 500 calories you need when nursing a baby. Plus — no heartburn!

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  1. Brie and medium Prime Rib were on the top of my list after I had Mo. I had indulged in half a glass of wine on Christmas Eve while pregnant with him, but couldn’t wait for a martini. So friend’s bought me a mini vodka set that had one shot of vodka and a mini martini glass. I took it with me to the hospital.

    I hope John and friends that live nearby are stocking up for you! I’d send you some of my peach gelatin now, but I don’t think it would ship well.

  2. Ooooh, you’ve made me hungry! At my first birth, a friend brought a package of chocolate candy bars to the hospital, and the nurse told me I couldn’t eat them if I was going to nurse Eli! How mean is that? I would definitely take that chianti to the hospital, though – I KNOW that’s good for nursing. And getting to sleep…

  3. I do drink while nursing — not very much, but a glass of wine here or there. My midwife and doctor said it was fine, and Lucy never seemed adversely affected by it. So, I don’t worry! :)

    Mmm, thai food is yummy… I have a good thai shrimp soup recipe I could share!

  4. Fact-Checking Department: I’m sorry, but I have to point out that Ann’s comment is totally false: she takes a _sip_ of my wine once every ten days or so — but I don’t recall a time when she’s had a full glass of wine at any time during this pregnancy.

  5. Fact-Checking Department, Level II: Jon is correct that I do not drink wine while pregnant. But Katrina was asking about when I’m *nursing*, and I do occasionally drink wine then.

    Maybe I’ll get that shrimp soup recipe up this weekend! :) I’m glad the Papa likes it so much.

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