Departure: The journey from crazy to calm

At O'Hare and reading to go!

This post is the third in our England 2015 series.

The week of departure was chaos. Pack the bags. Shop for airplane snacks. Clean the house. Finish up work projects. Pack up the cats and bring them to our friends’ house. Back up the computers. As I tied up loose ends at work and at home, staying up into the wee hours of the night, Jon voiced his concern that my stressful aura would spill over into our precious trip. Continue Reading →

Obsessing over Shoes: Gaining self-knowledge through packing

Ironing in England.

This post is the second in our England 2015 series.

About four months before our trip — on January 5, to be precise — we bought our plane tickets. “Hooray!” we rejoiced. “It’s really happening!” And I immediately became preoccupied with the questions of what to pack. Continue Reading →

Learning to Crave Tea: Cultivating our appetites for England

Lucy and Rosie collect snails in Wiltshire.

“A pleasure is full-grown only when it is remembered.” — C.S. Lewis, Out of the Silent Planet

In May 2015 — one year ago this month — our family of four took a two-week trip to England, during which I gathered up an assortment of notes, photos, and memories. Continue Reading →

St. Patrick’s Potpie

St. Patrick's Pot Pie (with broccoli on the side)

I have a little bit of Irish in my background, but I’ve never done a very good job celebrating St. Patrick’s Day aside from wearing a bit o’ green. But after years of experimenting, I’ve finally landed on a winner: a truly delicious and mishmashed celebration of Irish food. Continue Reading →

Huzzay! It’s the 2015 Boyd Mad Lib!

Christmas Card 2015

Yet again this year, we are sending out a blank Mad Lib for the fun-loving among you to create your very own version of a Boyd holiday letter. But if you’re curious about the official version, read on. Continue Reading →

U2 kept my soul tender: Reflections on the profound influence of the world’s most famous band

U2 in concert.

When Jon and I went to the U2 concert in late June, I merely expected to have an excellent time rocking out. I didn’t expect that it would spark a full summer of serious reflection on the way my soul has been formed by listening to U2 over the past three decades. Continue Reading →

Life lessons through literature: Grieving a raccoon

Tissues, toy cats, and Kildee House.

Sometimes reading good books together can lead you onto paths that you are not expecting — just like life. Continue Reading →

Remembering Pearlio: How to have a fish funeral

Pearlio, in his habitat.

Today is the first birthday of our dear kittens, Franny and Pepper. Adorable as they may be, we feel that it is appropriate to give a fuller picture of their characters by telling the story of one of their most heinous crimes — and its effect on all the creatures in our household. Continue Reading →

For the Sake of My Sisters

Lucy and Rosie at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

With two daughters and a lifetime of experience as a female, I have a few things to lament about the way our world treats the ladies. Continue Reading →

In which I take issue with Shakespeare and invite you to my 40th birthday party

Waiting for the el

I was browsing through a copy of Shakespeare’s sonnets the other day and came across one that begins: When forty winters shall besiege thy brow… “Excellent!” I thought. “This will be perfect for my fortieth birthday!” Continue Reading →

How we became cat-owners: The story of Franny and Pepper

Kittens in a basket.

In the spirit of tying up loose ends and working on my 2015 goals (“write more!”), let me offer this story of one of the most significant changes in our household last year: the tale of a family who adopted two kittens, one mother’s reluctance, and the glorious craziness of pet-ownership that has ensued. Continue Reading →

Look out! It’s the 2014 Boyd Mad Lib!

Yet again this year, we are sending out a blank Mad Lib for the fun-loving among you to create your very own version of a Boyd holiday letter. But if you’re curious about the official version, read on. Continue Reading →

It Won’t Be Taken Away — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 12

Psalm 103

Mary gets to keep her choice, and we do too. Continue Reading →

Comparing the Sisters — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 11

Black and white mugs.

Let’s talk about the dreamer and the worker — if that is an accurate description. Continue Reading →

It’s Counter-Cultural — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 10

Homemade cranberry sauce.

Mary, you’re making Martha uncomfortable. Continue Reading →