Somebody Stop Me: The wax and wane of appetites

This post is the twelfth in our “England 2015”:/news/category/travel/england-2015/ series.

Travel invites the indulgence of appetites — so many things to eat! and see! and do! and more to eat! The impermanent quality of life on a trip inspires that carpe-diem instinct, urging us to take in more and more since we’ll be back home mowing the lawn before we know it.

A full English breakfast at the Regency Cafe in London.
Jon thoroughly enjoyed his full English breakfast at the Regency Café in London.

But there are only so many chips you can eat, only so many steak-and-kidney pies, only so much mac & cheese. Even in the revelry of vacation, we need a little space and time to deplete our energy stores and develop hunger for more.

Sometimes, you just need to hang out in the apartment and make weird faces.
Rosie makes a weird face.

Sometimes, you just need to stick with your bedtime routine.
Bedtime routine in London.

Sometimes, you just need to read about magical trees while waiting for the bus.
Waiting for the bus.

Sometimes, you just need to enjoy your distorted reflection while riding in the tube.
Weird reflections in the tube.

Sometimes, you just need to spend a little time in a bookstore.
At a bookstore.

And after those small doses of the ordinary, the routine, we are refreshed and ready for the next big adventure.
The London Eye.

It seems like a metaphor for the spiritual life, doesn’t it?

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