For the Sake of My Sisters

Lucy and Rosie at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

With two daughters and a lifetime of experience as a female, I have a few things to lament about the way our world treats the ladies. Continue Reading →

In which I take issue with Shakespeare and invite you to my 40th birthday party

Waiting for the el

I was browsing through a copy of Shakespeare’s sonnets the other day and came across one that begins: When forty winters shall besiege thy brow… “Excellent!” I thought. “This will be perfect for my fortieth birthday!” Continue Reading →

How we became cat-owners: The story of Franny and Pepper

Kittens in a basket.

In the spirit of tying up loose ends and working on my 2015 goals (“write more!”), let me offer this story of one of the most significant changes in our household last year: the tale of a family who adopted two kittens, one mother’s reluctance, and the glorious craziness of pet-ownership that has ensued. Continue Reading →

Look out! It’s the 2014 Boyd Mad Lib!

Christmas Card 2014 front 1000w

Yet again this year, we are sending out a blank Mad Lib for the fun-loving among you to create your very own version of a Boyd holiday letter. But if you’re curious about the official version, read on. Continue Reading →

It Won’t Be Taken Away — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 12

Psalm 103

Mary gets to keep her choice, and we do too. Continue Reading →

Comparing the Sisters — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 11

Black and white mugs.

Let’s talk about the dreamer and the worker — if that is an accurate description. Continue Reading →

It’s Counter-Cultural — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 10

Homemade cranberry sauce.

Mary, you’re making Martha uncomfortable. Continue Reading →

What Is the One Thing? — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 9

A glass of water.

There is just one thing? Continue Reading →

What About the Work? — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 8

Sponge and dishtowel.

These floors aren’t going to wash themselves, y’know. Continue Reading →

I Need Help — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 7

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Martha is having some difficulty with her meal preparation and could use some help. Anyone? Continue Reading →

Does Anyone Care? — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 6

Whisk broom and dust pan.

Martha, are you the only one who really cares about what’s on the menu for dinner? It’s possible… Continue Reading →

Talk to Each Other — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 5

Ready to set the table.

Martha and Mary, don’t you think you might need to sit down and hash a few things out? Continue Reading →

Thank You, Mary — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 4

A cup of tea.

Mary made it possible for Jesus to say some very radical things — and I am grateful. Continue Reading →

What Is She Doing in There? — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 3

Chopping rosemary.

Martha and I are distracted by our many tasks. But are the tasks all that important? Continue Reading →

Trick or Treat Ice Cream

A bowl of Trick or Treat Ice Cream.

Are you just sitting there with all that leftover Halloween candy? Here’s a way to put it to good use. Continue Reading →