Cheater’s ratatouille

Lucy's ratatouille

One of the only really good things about the chilly Chicago spring we are experiencing is that I can keep on making this fabulous roasted vegetable dish. Continue Reading →

Handing it over

A proffered lollipop stick.

Let me tell you a story about how small pieces of trash entrusted to me by our children have been drawing me closer to Jesus. Continue Reading →

How we told our children about sex

Getting ready to talk.

We’ve been preparing for a few years, waiting for that million-dollar question: “How do the sperm and the egg join?” And just this Friday, we hit the jackpot. Continue Reading →

Let Us Keep the Feast: Epiphany & Lent

At Bennison's Bakery.

What does it mean to observe Lent? How can I practice a Lenten fast in way that is authentic? Is it really necessary to give up chocolate? These are some of the questions that I’ve been pondering as I read through the latest edition of Let Us Keep the Feast. Continue Reading →

Meditations from a month in Wonka

Chocolate brownie.

February means a lot of things at the Boyd house: Valentine’s Day, Mama’s birthday, and our annual Willy Wonka celebration (which happened on a very low-key scale this year). The fruits of this month have included a serious amount of chocolate and some deep thoughts about life, God, and the spirituality of hunger. Continue Reading →

Rosie loses a tooth

Missing her first tooth.

If you see Rosie these days, you will likely receive a demonstration of the gaping hole where her tooth was last seen on January 27, 2014. Continue Reading →

How to wake up children without crying

Morning sleepyheads.

Being a certified Grumpy Morning Person seems to have given me extra motivation to find a way to awaken our children — as well as myself — as painlessly as possible. Continue Reading →

The madness of Rosie’s hair

Morning hair.

Being a curly-girl has given me a certain amount of experience with hair. Especially big hair. Extra-especially because I grew up in the eighties. But I’ve been quite unprepared for the fine, straight locks of our younger daughter. Continue Reading →

My post-Christmas list

Lucy and Rosie reading.

In the weeks after the flurry of outings and toys and cookies of the holiday season, I make a few notes in pursuit of my life-long dream of having a Perfect Christmas. Next year. Continue Reading →

Tender care for Piggy Lou

Piggy Lou and Lu.

Ever since Lucy was just one year old, she has loved her stuffed animal Piggy Lou. Recently, we’ve noticed that Lucy’s affection has taken the shape of some passionate guidelines about animal care. Continue Reading →

Oh no! It’s a 2013 Boyd Mad Lib!

2013 Christmas Card

Yet again this year, we are sending out a by-now-traditional blank Mad Lib for the fun-loving among you to create your very own version of a Boyd holiday letter. But are you curious about the official version? Read on. Continue Reading →

Let Us Keep the Feast: Advent & Christmas

Advent candles.

If you’re looking for a slim, comprehensive book of spiritual resources for Advent and Christmas, I have the book for you. Continue Reading →

The memorable poultry of Thanksgiving 2013

Gingerbread the Rooster in Peterson Park

“Do you remember Thanksgiving 2013?” we’ll ask in a few years. “Oh yeah! Wasn’t that the time we butterflied the turkey and caught a rooster?” Continue Reading →

[Video] The First Thanksgiving

My colleague at InterVarsity Press, Nate Baker-Lutz, made this animated short with construction paper and painstaking stop-motion techniques. Then I was lucky enough to breeze in at the last minute to provide the voice-over narration. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Candy bar bars

Candy bar bars.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been frantically trying to find a way to get rid of the Halloween candy before Thanksgiving hits. May we share our latest strategy on this front? Continue Reading →