Sick days

We’re welcoming the spring by experiencing three weeks of sickness.

After what was a remarkably healthy winter for us, the germs have found our address and crashed our party. Our dear, sweet girls have been battling one thing after another for almost a month. Lucy came down with a bout of the barfs last night, so we canceled all of our plans today and stayed home.

One of the most challenging things for me in this season of illness has been the constant decision-making. _Should I cancel piano lessons? What about the babysitter tomorrow? Will they be feeling well enough for the outing on Friday?_ I’m really sorry that Lucy threw up, but I must say I’m grateful for the clarity that it brings. No one is going anywhere today! I even have time to take a few photographs.

Sick Lucy.
Despite the malady, everyone is in good spirits. Lucy is keeping her fluids down.

Take a look at the impressive “petichiae”: Lucy got from throwing up. Just like “her Mama in labor”:/news/2007/the-labor-story/.

Rosie has been a super nurse, filling up Lucy’s water cup whenever she needed more and tucking Lucy in with blankets.

The sick hat
Jon also had his turn in the Sick Hat for about a week, but is definitely on the mend now. The Sick Hat gets a rest, too.

Miraculously, Mama has stayed healthy, for the most part. My only complaint is a bizarre mouth infection that leaves me feeling as though I ate a tablespoon of MSG. We’re on round two of this Magic Mouthwash (which is actually what Dr. Davis called it). I call it Fruit Punch Bubblegum Chalk, but it does the trick.

Ice crusher
We’ve busted out the ice crusher to give ice chips to our sickie. This only comes out for martinis and vomiting.

I’m trying to ignore the fact that it is 75 degrees outside…

Library books
…and instead embrace the joy of catching up with our library books…

Watching Charlotte's Web.
…and watching _Charlotte’s Web._

And, although I wouldn’t say it is _fun_ to be sick, I’m appreciating the extra snuggling time that comes along with it. Here’s hoping we’ll be recovered tomorrow!

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