Rosie loses a tooth

If you see Rosie these days, you will likely receive a demonstration of the gaping hole where her tooth was last seen on January 27, 2014.

Rosie has been waiting for years to start losing some teeth in order to catch up with her “big sister”:/news/2012/very-attached-to-a-lost-tooth/, so this first tooth felt like an especially significant milestone. Once the tooth got loose enough that it was making her crazy, Rosie invited Mama to pull it out (which Mama loves to do, but only with permission). She dictated the story of losing her tooth to Grammie:

Page 1 of Rosie's lost tooth story.
Page 2 of Rosie's lost tooth story.

And Rosie wanted to share the tale on video as well:

And, just like her sister, Rosie decided to hang on to the tooth for several weeks before handing it over to the tooth fairy. But it is gone now, with a crisp dollar bill in its place.

Way to grow new teeth, Rosie!
Missing her first tooth.

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