When lies are fun

We aim to be truthful with our girls (for example, about the Tooth Fairy and “Santa Claus”:/news/2010/stumbling-over-santa/), but we know that sometimes a fib can be fun. Indeed, the girls know me well for telling outrageous lies just to check whether they’re paying attention. Well, today they had some magical, imaginative fun — all prompted by a babysitter’s lie.

To be fair, we weren’t present, so I can’t be sure our sitter was intentionally telling a tall tale. But the girls certainly believe she was telling the truth, and that’s the point. They report that (the otherwise respectable) Taylor Norris and her sisters one time took a couple umbrellas and a laundry basket up a hill near their house, _and they actually flew in the air!_

So of course Lucy and Rosie had to try it. They got all outfitted, and they had a blast, as you can see.

These girls were purely, unconsciously, innocently transported in the excitement of making this happen (if not actually transported by their “aircraft”). They had fun with the idea, and they had fun with each other while it played out.

Rosie actually got worried that they might not be able to get back down once airborne, so when Ann confidently assured her they _certainly_ wouldn’t fly away, Rosie exclaimed, relieved, “Oh, that’s right! It’s not too windy today!” %{color:gray}Click photos to enlarge.%

*How much longer will their imaginations be able to sustain a fantastic vision like this?* I won’t mind it as their knowledge of physics grows enough to make unrealistic hopes like this one impossible, but it is a precious moment while it lasts.

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