Very Attached to a Lost Tooth

We know you have been waiting with bated breath, wondering when, oh when will Lucy lose her first tooth? Well, it happened last week!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012, was the exact date. We are amazed the tooth lasted that long — it could have come out several days earlier. In fact, it was so loose that it fell out while Lucy was eating a bowl of yogurt! Not an apple, not a peanut butter sandwich, not an everlasting gobstopper. Yogurt. That was one very loose tooth. Hear Lucy’s excitement in her own words:

Of course, this means we have a winner for “our contest”:/news/2012/contest-losing-lucys-loose-tooth/! “Tara Edelschick”:, with her guess of October 3, will be the lucky recipient of an original piece of artwork by Lucy and a box of tasty homemade treats from the Boyds. Congratulations, Tara! I thought about holding the prizes hostage so you would have to come to Chicago, but they might get stale. :) Come to visit us sometime anyway!

You may be wondering if the Tooth Fairy has been paid us a visit. Well, Lucy turns out to be very attached to her tooth (even now that it’s no longer attached by nerves, capillaries, and ligaments). She has placed it in a tiny glass jar and will gladly show anyone who asks (and many who do not).

But she is not yet ready to give up the tooth to any Tooth Fairy. It is her treasure. The Tooth Fairy is ready to exchange the tooth for a lovely “Sacajawea dollar”:, but has communicated to Lucy that she can keep the tooth until she is ready to give it away. Lucy has wondered if the Tooth Fairy will leave her both the money and the tooth for her to keep, but we have informed her that this is not standard practice for the Tooth Fairy.

What’s more, now that Lucy lost one tooth, the second one wasn’t far behind! She lost it yesterday. The Tooth Fairy better stock up on Sacajaweas!

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  1. Benjamin was super excited to leave his first tooth for the tooth fairy, but was devastated the next morning when the money was there but the tooth was gone! He wrote the tooth fairy a letter asking if she could please bring his tooth back which she did the next night. For the next tooth, he put it under his pillow with a note asking the tooth fairy to leave the tooth, so I guess that’s now the standard practice in this house, anyway :)

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