Contest: Losing Lucy’s Loose Tooth

Five-and-a-half years ago, Lucy got the first of her baby teeth. Soon, they’ll be starting their journey on to fairy-land. When will it happen? Help us guess and you could win a fabulous prize.

I remember waiting and wondering when Lucy’s “first tooth”:/news/2007/first-tooth/ would appear, before discovering that sharp little incisor poking out of her gums on Valentine’s Day 2007, when Lucy was almost ten months old. As the rest of her pearlies came in, we rejoiced while we fed her crunchy carrot sticks, toothsome beef, and chewy caramels. Finally, I could start cooking real food for this child! Rosie, on the other hand, surprised us all by cutting her “first tooth”:/news/2008/a-dental-milestone/ four months earlier than Lucy did. These girls just keep us guessing!

Lately, we’ve been conscious of approaching another dental milestone. This summer, Lucy noticed a bit of looseness in those bottom front teeth. In fact, she is quite obsessed with it — pulling on them, wiggling them, and longing for the day when she will lose her first tooth, as many of her friends have already. We keep reminding her not to yank too hard on those loose teeth since she still needs them for a little while!

But that first tooth will come out soon enough, and what better way to build anticipation and a spirit of celebration than with a contest? Years back, we held a “contest”:/news/2006/contest-lucys-first-tooth/ to see who could guess the day that Lucy would cut her very first baby tooth. Now we think our friends and family should join in the fun and offer their best guess of the date Lucy will lose that first baby tooth. And, just as Lucy’s first contest featured her own inimitable voice, we think this one should too:

Well, there you have it. That tooth is going to come out sooner or later — but when? Sooner? Or later? *Leave a comment here with your best guess of the calendar date when her first tooth will come out* for your chance to win a piece of original artwork from Lucy and a toothsome treat baked by her Mama. And stay tuned for the results, who knows when?

8 Replies to “Contest: Losing Lucy’s Loose Tooth”

  1. I have been known to ship treats across the country, but if it would increase the possibility of actually meeting you, maybe I’ll revise my policy! :)

  2. Hi Ann!

    Not a one of Abby’s teeth are wiggly and she is *full* of longing to lose a tooth as well. I’ve been thinking of scheduling a dentist appt to see if the dr. can give her some hope. :) She got her first in at 8 months. We guess September 25th – Jordan’s bday!

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