Johnny Boo & the Happy Apples

We check out a lot of books from the library. (I actually maxed-out my card the other day!) Since we find some gems along the way, I’m going to try my hand at some quick-take children’s book reviews. Here we go!

The Book: Johnny Boo & the Happy Apples by James Kochalka

Mama’s three-sentence review: This cute, silly, and slightly sassy ghost book series amuses children without being scary. They’re a fun introduction to comic-book-style writing and have helped my girls incorporate the phrase, “Let me comfort you,” into their everyday language. Johnny Boo and his tiny pet ghost, Squiggle, inspire belly-laughs from the preschool crowd.

Lucy and Rosie like this book because: “…they’re in the monster’s tummy and it’s sort of an x-ray picture. And the monster only eats ice cream on Tuesdays.”

Quotable lines: “Squiggle power activate!” and “Your floopy noodle arm is all twisty-wisty!”

Cover graphic source: Top Shelf Productions

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