Gimme a two!

Spring is birthday season around the Boyd house, and Rosie enjoyed hers fully.

Family and very close friends joined us on Sunday, March 14, to celebrate the completion of Rosie’s second year ex utero. We were impressed that Rosie was able to fit into the “same dress”:/news/2010/emergency/ Lucy wore on “her second birthday”:/news/2008/party-girl/ — and it looked lovely, although quite a bit shorter on our little Giantess. Grown-ups had fun working on Rosie’s personalized “jigsaw puzzle”:, while Lucy and Rosie danced around in their party dresses. And we all enjoyed snacking on lots of yummy dips and chips (thanks to Grammie!).

The girls and I had baked dozens of sugar cookies a few days before and had fun decorating them with Papa. We focused mainly on circles (since Rosie’s birthday is on “Pi Day”: and on the numeral 2 for her age — but we couldn’t resist doing enough letters to spell out a simple sentence, just as Grammie did “when Lucy turned two”:/news/2008/party-girl/. And now that I’ve found a delicious and easy-to-roll-out “cookie recipe”:, I’m prepared for many more years of age-number cookies!

Rosie was very excited about her “Lello Cake”:/news/2010/rosies-birthday-interview/, and I was pleased that I could use the same great recipe I had found for Lucy’s “third-birthday”:/news/2009/lucys-third-birthday/ cake. Rosie and I also whipped up a simple chocolate sheet cake from my “latest favorite cookbook”: to make sure everyone had enough. Rosie extinguished her candles with considerable skill (see video, below), and made sizable dents in two pieces of cake, keeping her special crown on her head all the while. And, although I froze many of the leftovers to slow our consumption, all the cake was gone in about a week! Yummy.

The girls did a great job being sisters on this day. Lucy was admirably gracious about having all the attention focused on Rosie. She even drew a big birthday cake for Rosie, with help on lettering from Mama, which was proudly displayed in our living room. (See photo.) And in turn, Rosie was very generous in sharing her gifts with Lucy. We did get a gift for Lucy to open on her own, but mostly she and Rosie shared the birthday treasures together. After the party, Jon played with Lucy and Rosie while they explored the many new gifts, and I washed dishes with blissful concentration. Mama’s gift was to have a clean kitchen before bedtime!

We’re looking forward to a similar birthday celebration for Lucy in just a few weeks, her fourth. I am starting to wonder how we’ll switch our format in the future from a “mainly grown-ups” party to a “friends and peers” party, but for this year, we’re just happy to have parties with lots of cake!

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  1. You do a good job of celebrating your children! I can’t believe that Rosie (and Corrie, for that matter) are two already. How did that happen? It sounds like a super fun party. Wish we could have been there!

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