Tidbits from the month: April 2009

Here’s our catch-all for random events and cute mannerisms we noted in April. Enjoy!

  • Starting at the end of March, Lucy began sitting in regular chair, not booster seat. What a big girl! We are still working in the “stay in your seat for the entire meal” policy, but it is much better than at the beginning of the month.
  • Rosie has several new teeth, including a couple of molars. We think the count is now up to ten.
  • Lucy slept in her big-girl bed for the first time on April 1 — at least until she requested a crib-transfer at 2 a.m. But that turned out to be the last time to date. We think the enclosure of the crib is just extra cozy for her. We’re considering some big-bed enclosure measures to encourage her, although we really aren’t pushing for Lucy to give up the crib. Frankly, it is kind of nice to have her a little contained at night — for a change.
  • Getting ready for Lucy’s bath one day, she proclaimed, “I’m naked as a nickel.” This is a quotation from one of her favorite books, em>The Dirty Cowboy (written by Jon’s old friend, Amy Timberlake).
  • Rosie now says “baby” and “hi,” plus “Mama” and “Papa” pretty reliably. She is doing a lot more signing: more, bath, all done, bye-bye, and cracker. It is fun to really be communicating with her.
  • One evening, Rosie had a giggle-fest with Papa, spurring him on to pound on his chest. We still don’t know why this was so funny on this particular day, since she hasn’t found it funny since. —continues after 1’07” video—

And here is an assortment of Lucyisms from this month:

  • “Mama, I don’t eat motorcycles. I eat broccoli.”
  • “Where’s my dad?!” (quoting Finding Nemo.)
  • “Papa, bees don’t wear nail polish.”
  • “Mama, diarrhea is poo, and Maria is from the Sound of Music.”
  • “Today, Papa, you are going to the office today.” (A typical speech pattern: placing “today” at both beginning and end of a sentence.)
  • “I need a tissue, but I have a runny nose.” (We think the words “but” and “because” are equivalent for her sometimes — but it is endearing!)

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  1. I’m recording all of Mo’s funny sayings too! They come up with such adorable things. Mo announced the other night that “Sissy and CJ were driving me crazy!” We couldn’t stop laughing, which of course solicited several more renditions of an exasperated Mo, telling us that.

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