The Giantess

I had been telling Jon that we could make fat-baby jokes only until Rosie turned one year old. So now that she has come of age, we simply have to call her The Giantess.


Photo: Big smile, big fan, big girl.

We had Rosie’s one-year doctor’s appointment a couple weeks ago (April 3), and we learned that her growth continues to be spectacular:

Height: 32″ (99th percentile)
Weight: 26lbs 12 oz (98th)
Head circumference: 47 cm (91st)

At one year, Rosie weighs over a pound more than Lucy did at her two-year checkup (25 lbs 8 oz). Lucy weighed herself on our bathroom scale the other day, and she is right around 30 lbs. So Rosie weighs only about 10% less than Lucy does. This is good news for Rosie, especially because she is starting to develop enough stability and resourcefulness to fend off some of Lucy’s vigorous sister-hugs. :)

I decided to ask Dr. Minkus about Rosie’s nighttime feedings. Since Lucy weaned herself spontaneously from night feedings when she was ten months old, we’ve been sort of waiting and hoping that the same thing would happen with Rosie. Alas, Dr. Minkus gave us a reality check. “What Lucy did is very, very rare,” he said. And he affirmed that Rosie certainly no longer needs milk in the middle of the night. He recommended that we send Papa in to comfort Rosie when she cries at night. We just started this two nights ago, and Papa and Rosie are both doing great!

This visit also marked the first doctor’s visit for which Jon was not available to join me (due to his new job). One of our terrific church friends, Porter, met us at Dr. Minkus’s office to help out with the girls. Porter was a huge help, and we had a record-short visit — in and out in 45 minutes! (Perhaps that makes up for the marathon appointment last time.) Thanks to Dora for loaning us her terrific son for that time!

Lucy, who is very interested in vaccinations, was a little disappointed that Rosie didn’t need any needles stuck into her flesh this time. But Lucy is excited about the next appointment — her own — and looking forward to receiving a vaccination herself. We’ve been talking about how, if she wanted, she could go to school when she grows up to learn to give vaccinations. In the meantime, she enjoys practicing on us with pieces of string or small sticks.

Here’s to our vigorously growing girls!

5 Replies to “The Giantess”

  1. Holy Cow!!!! No pun intended, seriously. Phare is just now 21 lbs at 23 mos, and just 30 inches tall. I’m always amazed at how different kids are! Your girls are so precious, and I love the story about the vaccinations. Hope the effort to discontinue night feeds goes well!

  2. Too cute! Kaia does not like shots at all, but has often said she wants to be a pediatrician so she can help sick kids like her brother. His one and only traumatic hospital visit definitely left an imprint on her.

    My best friend’s daughter is already 20 pounds and only 8 months old. Some babies are just good growers! Mo is 32 pounds so he and Lucy are the same size.

    Rosie is absolutely gorgeous! It’s amazing how fast they grow and become toddlers! Although right now I feel like October is ages away, I know mine will be here before I know it, and then they’ll grow right up.

  3. Your girls are lovely! In looks and in personality. :)

    Evan was great (well, maybe “great” is an exaggeration – but “fine,” at least) about shots until this last visit. Corrie was super with her 1 year old shots, but Evan was NOT HAPPY AT ALL about the 4 year old round.

  4. Wow – I can’t believe Rosie is so big, still. Sounds like they both doing terrific. I love that Lucy wants to give and get vaccinations. She should come and do my lambs! Hooray for Porter – I bet he’s a great babysitter.

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