Lucy’s third birthday party

Lucy is delighted to be three years old at long last! She had been practicing saying, “I’m going to be three,” for a couple months, and now she can finally drop the future tense.

We had a lovely party last Saturday afternoon, complete with pink punch and “number 3” cookies (thanks, Grammie & Grandpa!). Over the past several weeks, when asked what kind of cake she wanted, Lucy had requested three kinds: lemon, pink, and chocolate. So I decided to honor all three requests! We have never been sad to have extra cake. :) Earlier in the week, Lucy helped me bake and freeze the layers of a lemon cake and our favorite chocolate cake. We defrosted them overnight, turned them over to Papa for icing on Saturday, and enjoyed them thoroughly at the party. I was especially pleased with the lemon cake, a new recipe with layers of lemon curd and tangy butter-sugar frosting (dyed pink, of course). Yum!

It rained quite hard during our afternoon party, but Lucy loved every minute of it. She kept walking up to guests and inviting them outside with her to “hear the thunder.” Jon wrote up a personalized Mad Lib based on some of Lucy’s favorite children’s books. It turned out pretty funny, as you can see!

Lucy has been practicing her candle-blowing technique for months, so she was well-prepared to extinguish her three little flames.

I was especially glad that Lucy took a nice nap on the day of her birthday party. Way to avoid an over-tired meltdown, girl! (In fact, Lucy had great naps all week, just after I received everyone’s terrific nap advice. Thanks for all of that wisdom!) Lucy did a great job saying “thank you” for all of her presents, and she genuinely seemed to have fun at her party. We are definitely enjoying our delightful three-year-old!

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  1. So precious! I especially love that Lucy likes to hear thunder. I love storms, and I hope I can get my future kids to enjoy them, too.

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