Off the chart

We took Rosie in for her six-month well-baby doctor’s appointment yesterday. And, as we “already knew”:/news/2008/our-big-dumpling/, she is one big girl.

Considering the fact that Rosie has been barely squeezing into size 12-month clothes lately, as well as wearing the same size diapers as Lucy (size 4, even though two years separate them), we were pretty sure she was keeping up her prodigious growth rate. Dr. Minkus confirmed it with these numbers:

_Weight:_ 21 lbs 2 oz (99th percentile)
_Height:_ 28¼” (99th percentile)
_Head circumference:_ 44 cm (86th percentile)

And a few comparative facts (not to compare the girls, but we can’t really help it!):

Lucy’s weight at 6 months: 15 lbs 2 oz
Lucy got up to 21 lbs only at 18 months
Lucy grew to 28″ only at 9 months (even though she, too, is above-average tall)
Lucy’s head got to 44 cm only at around 10 months

Rosie outweighs Lucy at this age by six pounds! Good thing they’re on the same team. And she certainly is proportional — and, we think, cute as a button. (It’s just a pretty big button.) Dr. Minkus was also impressed to learn that Rosie is rolling over both ways, scooting forward, and getting up on hands and knees and rocking. She is going to be ready for college before we know it!

We’ve also decided to hold off on solids, following Dr. Minkus’s suggestion. We did give Rosie a taste of sweet potatoes a few days ago, but she wasn’t really that into it, and Minkus points out that she is growing just fine without it. So, as we did with Lucy, we’ll introduce some soft finger foods at eight months and just skip the whole puréed thing. Which, frankly, is a relief to me: it’s one of my failings as a mother that I’ve never really gotten into that puréed food thing, with the scraping and the coaxing and the bananas in the hair. (Not that bananas don’t get in the hair when they aren’t pureed, but it’s just different.)

Lucy was a champion sister at the doctor’s office, playing “Patty Cake” with Rosie and encouraging her while she got her shots. She was really rooting for Rosie to get an M&M after them, but Rosie just got some milk instead. These two sisters are pretty terrific together!

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  1. Wow! So are you having to buy a lot of close? My Maddy was a tall and solid girl, now my Lydia is small and a light (16 lbs at 7 months compared to Maddy’s 20 lbs at 7 months). Crazy how the same mom and dad can make two totally different kids!

  2. Wow she is definitely healthy! My kids were all over food when they were babies. It was hard enough making them wait until 4 mos. They were reaching into our plates and attempting to eat our food. I guess I just have a couple of little piggies, except they are both thin, just hungry all the time, even now at 5 and 2.

  3. Rosie appears to have a BIG voice to go along with her fast growing size! :-) She is adorable – both girls are! And these are such SPECIAL years for your family! We love being included by computer! Will try harder to actually SEE you next time we are in Chicago area! We just returned from two weeks with Sue and her dear little ones (Clara almost 4 and Rohan who turned one while we were there.) Anuj has been all over the world touching base now and then in Lexington MA where they were renting-I don’t know how she manages on her own – but she does and she, like you, tries to set realistic goals which is a big part of it. And just ENJOY cause these years go by SO quickly in the grand scheme of things. Sending Jon a belated happy BD and much love to you all, Nancy

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