Mama crop

Children influence you in unexpected ways. For example, Rosie encouraged me to try a new haircut.

Not only was I admiring Rosie’s short, soft locks, but I was also experiencing a great deal of pain every time Rosie wound her strong, saliva-moistened hands into my hair. No kind of ponytail or up-do would restrain her from grabbing the curls right at my scalp and yanking. And, of course, removing her little monkey hand was like trying to get a burr out of my unwieldy mane. I had had enough.

So, inspired by Rosie, and a character’s impromptu haircut in my latest read, plus my good friend who cropped hers, I decided to take the plunge. I scheduled an appointment and got to work, obsessively googling “short curly hair” to try to find some visuals of the look I wanted.

I have chopped off my hair a couple of times in my adult life, with mixed results. It is often hard to know what the curly hair will end up looking like — it sometimes just springs up with a life of its own, without any regard to my wishes. But, I’m really pleased with how my hair turned out. For the first time in my life, I have been getting my haircut regularly (if twice a year can be “regular”) from the same person. Danielle takes plenty of time, listens really well to learn what I want, and knows just how to cut my hair — plus, she’s loads of fun! This time, I showed her some photos of the look I was going for, and she decided to cut my hair dry, so the curls wouldn’t give us surprises later — a stroke of genius.

Lucy still recognized me the next morning, and I am so glad to not have to wrestle Rosie’s hand out of my hair during middle-of-the-night feedings anymore. I’m sure I’ll grow my hair out again, but short is certainly convenient for this stage of my life!

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  1. I love it! Having always known you with ultra-long lovely locks, it’s so strange to see you cropped, but it works! I totally understand why you did it…Ella is entranced by my curls and used to always grab for them while nursing. Not always a fun thing!

  2. Ann, the new look is fabulous! I was once again doing the hair dance. It had grown pretty long over the summer and I think I would like to give it to Locks of Love a few more times…but I just was not read to mess with the stages of growing it out. I got it cut, much to Charles’s dismay. He really likes it long.

    Where do your children get those red highlights by the way?

  3. Oh fun! Is it really red? It’s hard to tell in pictures when there is so little. I feel an instant connection to her if it is. You know, only 2% of the world has red hair. My little Evangeline has BRIGHT red hair! : )

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