100th percentile

We had another A+ doctor’s visit with Rosie last week — her eight-month appointment. (Can you believe it?) They’re gonna have to get a bigger scale and a longer tape measure, soon.

Rosie’s growth is steady at the “top of the chart”:http://boydsnest.org/news/2008/off-the-chart/:

_Weight:_ 22 lbs 11 oz (98th percentile)
_Height:_ 29.75″ (99.5th percentile)
_Head circumference_: 45 cm (86th percentile)

p{color:gray}. Photo: Lucy gets on the horn with the Guiness Book of World Records to report her sister.

Rosie is so tall that the nurse actually gave her a 100th percentile rating! (Too bad this is a statistical impossibility.) We continue to be amused at the disparity between Rosie’s and Lucy’s infancy growth rates. While Lucy has always been on the tall end, even she was almost _three inches shorter_ than Rosie is at eight months. And Rosie weighs fully _six pounds more_ at eight months than her sister did! Even at 18 months, Lucy was still a pound shy of where Rosie is today. No wonder I’m selling the BabyBjörn (which I used with Lucy until she was over “ten months old”:/news/2007/fashion-fur/) on Craig’s List!

Dr. Minkus was pleased to hear about Rosie’s excellent activity level — crawling, sitting up, pulling up. He predicted that her top two teeth would burst through soon (though nothing yet, but we are on the lookout). He affirmed our choice to start Rosie on some soft finger foods about a month ago and was glad to hear that she was “learning to eat”:/news/2008/how-about-some-supper-already/ them well.

Mama continues to be pleased with her fabulous doctor-visit idea of bringing a “sleepsack”:/news/2008/toof/ along to the pediatrician’s — in which Rosie stays nice and toasty (and modest) during that long wait between getting weighed and getting examined. And it stays on better than a little robe!

Lucy was a great cheerleader once again, helping Rosie to stay strong through her vaccinations. Rosie barely cried at all this time! She had a blast looking in the mirror, getting bounced on our knees, and watching her sister bounce all over the examination room. For a special treat, we picked up McDonald’s for lunch on the way home, although Rosie had to be content with Cheerios for the time being. Our main task right now is preventing Lucy from trying to sneak Rosie a french fry!

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  1. That’s crazy how different Lucy and Rosie are! I’m wondering how Isabelle will be compared to Benjamin and Ella – they were both always on the tiny side (so small in fact, that Rosie outweighs Ella now and is only 2″ shorter than her). Isabelle was nearly 2 lbs heavier than Ella at birth, so I’m curious how that will play out (and a little bummed that I’m not going to be able to reuse all Ella’s clothes!)

  2. The hand-me-down shortage is for real! So many of Lucy’s clothes either _never_ fit Rosie, or fit her for only one or two wearings. Not only do we have the trouble of finding new clothes, but we miss some of those favorite outfits that we remember from Lucy’s baby days. Apparently it really is true that each child is different! (But stay tuned: I know that Mama is working on a post that asks, “Do Lucy and Rosie look alike, or not?”)

  3. I hear you about the clothes! Rosie can squeeze into many of Lucy’s hand-me downs, but they are getting tight. And I’m starting to move some of Lucy’s too-small things directly from her dresser into Rosie’s, as she is starting to fit into some 12-18 month clothes. I figure she can’t keep up this pace forever. :)

  4. My madelyn was the biggish one and I laugh when I see pictures of her at Lydia’s current age…So different. Yet they are so similar. I think some of it is from a change in my parenting. Madelyn co-slept with us (nursed a lot throughout the night) and she was with me 24/7 for the first 12 months. This meant that she could nurse whenever. Also I never did a nook with her.
    Lydia has gone to “school” for 6 months now and like her sister hates the bottle. This means she goes from 5am to 3pm with no nursing or bottle (no she isn’t in day care all of that time, but the way the schedule works makes the window of time that large). I chose not to allow her into our bed and so She gets to nurse at 10:30pm and then 5am. So I wonder if her lack of high fat katrina milk is making her 1/2 the size of Maddy at 9 months of age? Or she is just smaller. She also soothes herself with a nook where maddy totally used me as a nook. I must say that I am so happy that she is just now in 9 month close and I have gotten re-use the clothes and use them way longer than we did with Maddy. It will be interesting to see how they continue to grow. By the way Maddy is almost out grown the 3-T and she will not be 3 until 1-3-09!

  5. ahhhh…you want to talk about big kids! Mine have never even been on the chart! My Marie is 3 and is quickly growing out of size 6. Evangeline is 19 months and wears a 3T. I guess I should say that they are both “on the chart” (around 90th percentile) for weight but they are so long and skinny because they grow so fast that I can actually see Marie’s ribs! : )
    When I took Marie for her 3 year old appointment the nurse said that if she was 5 she would be in the 50 percentile.
    I think we have some super-models on our hands!

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