Top five things Jon says to the baby girl in my belly:

5. “When are you coming out???”
4. “I am the Papa!”
3. “What are you doing in there?”
2. “Fat, fat, fat for baby’s brain!”

and, my very favorite:
1. “I want to know what kind of ice cream you like and who your favorite team is.”

Isn’t he cute? Here is my favorite quote from him today about me:
“You’re so awesome. I love how bulbous you are.” (I take this as a compliment!)

6 Replies to “Daddy-o”

  1. Jon, you say “fat for baby’s brain” because she needs fat to build up the myelin in her brain that connect her synapses. So, I’ve been eating good omega-3 fats, and yummy chocolate fats. :) We’ve heard that eating chocolate during pregnancy makes a happy baby, so we thought we’d give it a try.

  2. It’s not to connect the synapses, it’s to coat the dendrites as insulation to aid their electrical conductivity.

    Happy baby! Happy baby! Happy baby!

  3. I liked reading your conversation about eating chocolate regularly to get good dendrites (whatever!). I think I’ll go get some chocolate and be happy!

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