Careful with that scimitar there

We aren’t big Halloween people, but having a baby somehow gave us the inspiration to get a bit more creative this year. We don’t care if her parrot won’t keep quiet.

Pirate Grandpa accessory

Lucy got all decked out in her pirate duds and looked fabulous, especially with her life-sized Pirate Grandpa accessory (seen at right). She tolerated the eyepatch on her forehead for long enough to indulge us in a photo shoot. She chose not to growl this time, being too absorbed in licking her matey’s scimitar (below). When we got tired of pirate play, we walked around the neighborhood a bit and visited some friends. Papa and Lucy went as The Terrible Two-Headed Monster (although this isn’t much different from everyday attire: it’s just Lucy riding in the BabyBjörn with just her head sticking out of Papa’s coat).

Careful with that scimitar there

We were disappointed by the small number of trick-or-treaters who came our way. We saw lots of kids on the next block over, but not so many on ours. How can we draw them next year? A poster campaign? Giving away full-sized candy bars? Sidewalk chalk? We plan on scheming with our neighbors about it. This year, we donated leftover candy to our church youth group (though we must admit we kept some of the chocolate for ourselves).

Decorations were simple: just a few white candles on our front steps. Dinner had a few more interesting elements: eyeball ice cubes for our drinks, bats and cobwebs for our main course, and a devilishly delicious chocolate cake. Lucy’s final costume changes were her Birthday Suit in the bath and Little Chick pajamas. It was our third annual Boyd Family Halloween Dinner, and lots more fun now that we have a baby to dress up!

Jon wants me to throw in a bonus Halloween riddle here:

Q: What kind of pants does a ghost wear?
A: Boo jeans

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