can’t stop this train

Last night, I was awake and fussy at 3 am. I had a snack, sneezed several times, and wandered around the house for awhile. I realized that, despite all of my preparation for and reading about labor, I am feeling a bit nervous about the process — what if it totally kicks my butt? I talked with my good friend Deborah about it today, and we agreed that a) I’m pretty well-prepared, b) I have a lot of resources to labor successfully, and c) no matter what, this baby is going to come out!

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  1. Ann,

    Thanks for inviting us Baby Fit mothers to read your blog. It’s great!
    Don’t worry, I think all of us are just as nervous as you are about giving birth. I have even done it once before and I’m still nervous! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    mmmorgan20 from

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