We launched Boyds’ Nest News (BNN) in 2006 — just before the birth of our first child — as a place for Ann and Jon Boyd talk about their family life. During those baby years, BNN served as a vital extension of our community as we struggled through diapers and naps while joyfully celebrating our growing family. Since then, it has evolved into a venue for spiritual musings, book reviews, favorite recipes, as well as family tidbits. We hope it provides a way to connect with you — our family, friends, and fellow world citizens. Welcome to this little corner of our home.
The Boyd family.
Photo by Ken White.

Ann Boyd likes drinking hot tea at bars, knitting small projects, making homemade ice cream, reading stories with the children, talking about natural childbirth, writing on this blog, exercising with Jillian Michaels videos, and going for tandem-bike dates with Jon. She loves reading books about cooking, spiritual formation, homeschooling, and believes Agatha Christie mysteries are the perfect bedtime reading. Ann works as the managing editor for The Well, an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship website that serves women in graduate school and beyond. She is a Four on the Enneagram and that’s why she is so special.

Jon Boyd likes drinking single-malt scotch, listening to the Grateful Dead, keeping score at baseball games, finding the right software, going for very long walks, and taking Ann out on tandem-bike dates. He loves reading books on information design, history, spiritual formation, graphic novels, and pretty much anything published by InterVarsity Press, where Jon works as the Digital Communications Manager. Jon has his M.A. in Old Testament and Semitic languages from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and his Ph.D. in history from Johns Hopkins University. He is a Five on the Enneagram with a strong Four wing, which won’t surprise you if you look at his avatar. You can find him on twitter at @octothorp.

Ann and Jon met in the home of some dear friends and married in 2000. Their daughters, Lucy and Rosie, were born in 2006 and 2008. As a family, the Boyds enjoy biking, sushi, Lou Malnati’s pizza, and learning to be more like Jesus. They are proud citizens of the city of Chicago, occasional Cubs fans, and eclectic homeschoolers. Rock on!

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