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  This is your gateway to photo albums from the Boyd family collections, listed roughly in chronological order. Enjoy!          
  Grandpa Boyd's World Grandpa Boyd's World
(9 images, updated Feb 13, 2005)

James William Boyd was born to May (née Robertson) and James A. Boyd on July 15, 1896. Here are the images we have of his world dating from before the birth of his son Bill.

  Martha's World Martha's World
(22 images, updated Aug 13, 2005)

These photos are drawn from our collections of images of Martha (née Bakalarski) and Arthur Borzykowski's life before the birth of their daughter Betty. (For additional photos which include Martha, see other albums, especially Betty's World.) Martha passed away on August 4, 2005, and you can read her obituary.

  Betty's World Betty's World
(42 images, updated Feb 6, 2005)

This album is still in progress, with quite a few additional loose photos yet to be scanned, sorted, and captioned.

  Bill's World Bill's World
(53 images, updated Feb 15, 2005)

This album is nearing completion, with just a thorough revision of captions needed throughout — but it does now display all of the loose photos we have of Bill Boyd's life before the birth of his son Jim.

  Bill & Betty's World          
      Betty & Bill's Wedding Betty & Bill's Wedding
(8 images, updated Feb 14, 2005)

Betty and Bill Boyd were married in Racine, Wisconsin, on January 1, 1963. This set of cutting-edge color Polaroids was taken by the official wedding photographer, Robert Leister, at the church — though not during the ceremony (upon the insistence of the officiant, Dr. Seidenspinner). There also exists a more formal wedding album.

  The Boys' World          
      Jim's Picks Jim's Picks
(267 images, updated Apr 23, 2006)

This gallery presents slides drawn from throughout the family history of Bill & Betty Boyd and the boys. It represents all the slides that were chosen by Jim as scan-worthy, and is now complete at 267 images.

      Jon's Picks Jon's Picks
(95 images, updated July 1, 2006)

This gallery presents slides drawn from throughout the family history of Bill & Betty Boyd and the boys. It shows slides selected by Jon as scan-worthy (that weren't already in Jim's Picks) but is still incomplete, showing only 95 images with more to come.

      Betty & Bill's Wedding The Boys in Israel, 1985
(107 images, updated July 1, 2006)

Jim and Jon traveled to Israel during their spring break in 1985 (Jim's junior year at Michigan, Jon's freshman). This album represents all the surviving slides of three rolls we shot. At least one memorable shot is missing — the old woman eating pistacchios. (But did we ever actually have a slide of her?)

Scanned at 1200 dpi by Jon, Apr 22 & 24, 2005; supplemented with 2 more at 1600 dpi scanned in 2006.

  Ann's World Ann's World
(8 images, updated Feb 14, 2005)

This album is still in progress.

  Switzerland 2004 Jon & Ann's World
(1 album)

Jon Boyd and Ann (née Gortner) Boyd were married October 8, 2000. This section of presents images from their days together.

      Betty & Bill's Wedding Switzerland 2004
(75 photos & 2 movies, updated Feb 7, 2005)

Ann and Jon Boyd traveled to Switzerland in July 2004 and spent two weeks based in Wengen and Lenk-im-Simmental. We hiked in the surrounding mountains and valleys, and have selected these 77 highlights from among the nearly 500 images we captured there.

      KAP Kite Aerial Photography Highlights
(11 images, updated Mar 19, 2005)

Yes, it's true: I string a digital camera to a kite and send it aloft with a self-timer to snap a photo. Most of the shots aren't worth looking at, but here are some of the best.

For some additional thoughts on KAP, see Kite Aerial Photography and an Eldil's-Eye-View.

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