nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing  •  About the Site is a website focusing on our family and its history and doings.   Most genealogy is inherently self-centered, and this site is no different. That is, we're interested here in images and information about the people and generations who radiate outward from the nuclear family created by William James (Bill) Boyd and Betty Ann (née Borzykowski) Boyd.

Not only that, but since Jonathan Anthony (Jon) Boyd is doing the web production, there' s an additional bias toward documenting relationships, events, and activities having to do with him, especially by his marriage to Ann Margaret (née Gortner) Boyd.

We say all this for clarity's sake, and not as any excuse for omissions or unevenness of coverage.
  The Nuclear Family Bill, Jon, Betty, and Jim Boyd at O'Hare Airport, January 1972.  
      If you have family information, especially photos, which you think should be published on this site, by all means please contact us.

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  There's lots of info yet in the archives — not to mention family history still in the making! — so you can expect the site to grow tremendously in the future.

We hope you enjoy your visit to!

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