It’s Counter-Cultural — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 10

Homemade cranberry sauce.

Mary, you’re making Martha uncomfortable. Continue Reading →

What Is the One Thing? — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 9

A glass of water.

There is just one thing? Continue Reading →

What About the Work? — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 8

Sponge and dishtowel.

These floors aren’t going to wash themselves, y’know. Continue Reading →

I Need Help — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 7

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Martha is having some difficulty with her meal preparation and could use some help. Anyone? Continue Reading →

Does Anyone Care? — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 6

Whisk broom and dust pan.

Martha, are you the only one who really cares about what’s on the menu for dinner? It’s possible… Continue Reading →

Talk to Each Other — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 5

Ready to set the table.

Martha and Mary, don’t you think you might need to sit down and hash a few things out? Continue Reading →

Thank You, Mary — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 4

A cup of tea.

Mary made it possible for Jesus to say some very radical things — and I am grateful. Continue Reading →

What Is She Doing in There? — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 3

Chopping rosemary.

Martha and I are distracted by our many tasks. But are the tasks all that important? Continue Reading →

Trick or Treat Ice Cream

A bowl of Trick or Treat Ice Cream.

Are you just sitting there with all that leftover Halloween candy? Here’s a way to put it to good use. Continue Reading →

Did She Know? — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 2

A ladle.

“Martha, Martha, where are you? Are you in the kitchen? What are you doing in there? Don’t you know that we’re all out here?” Continue Reading →

The Conversation — Visiting with Mary and Martha, part 1

Luke 10.38-42 manuscript.

For the past few years, I’ve been ruminating on the story of Martha and Mary in Luke 10 — a relevant passage for this period in my life. Lately I’ve been putting some of these ideas on paper (or, more accurately, screen), but I see that my musings are making for much more than just one post. I am constantly encountering the ideas in this passage as I make decisions about work, parenting, rest, and daily chores, all while I seek to live in the present moment and listen to God. So let me offer here the first in a series of twelve posts about the marriage of work and worship with Jesus. Continue Reading →

The best crunchy granola bars

Granola Bars

May I share with you the best crunchy granola bar recipe ever? Continue Reading →

Twitterature: July 2014

A Midsummer Night's Dream

I know it’s not July anymore — just roll with me on this. The past few weeks found me deep in Shakespeare, horses, and two books with the word “blue” in the title. Continue Reading →

Finding rest in everyday chores (and a watermelon salad recipe)

This past Sunday, I gave a short reflection at our church about the ways I find spiritual rest in everyday chores…and I made a watermelon salad at the same time. It was fun and I succeeded in not slicing my finger while talking to my church family. Continue Reading →

Twitterature: June 2014

Lucy at the Thorne Rooms.

I’ve come across a few gems in my summertime reading over the past few months. Continue Reading →