Olive calzones

We received lots of yummy meals in the first few weeks after Rosie was born, thanks to many of you! One recipe that has stuck was Kindra’s calzones. Continue Reading →

150 bpm

Just a little tidbit of a post here, nothing spectacular — nothing spectacular, that is, if it’s not amazing to be able to hear the beat of a 14-week-old fetus’s heart. Continue Reading →

Vocabulary update: September 7, 2007

Lucy has always been a vocal little girl, nicknamed “Leather Lungs” around here — but with a few exceptions her calls haven’t usually been words of language. That’s starting to change, though, so here is an update about her complete vocabulary to date. Continue Reading →

Yogurt appreciation

The other day, we showed you Lucy interacting with her yogurt, and Lydia asked asked whether Lucy liked yogurt or not. Give this audio clip a listen, and see what you think. Continue Reading →