Our 2011 Mad Lib and photo highlights

Christmas Card 2011

Once again this year, we sent out a blank Mad Lib for the mischievous among you to create your own version of our holiday letter. But if you’d like the official version, here you go — with a bonus slideshow of favorite moments from the year. Continue Reading →

In the leaves

It’s always fun to rake the leaves, isn’t it? Rosie seems to think so. Here she is on November 8, 2009. (Click on any thumbnail for an album of four shots.) Continue Reading →


Rosie on February 20, 2009. Continue Reading →

Rosie’s first eleven months

Every month on the date they were born for their first year of life, Lucy and Rosie have sat for a “time lapse” portrait in the same brown armchair. (We plan to keep taking these pictures on their birthdays from here on out.) Continue Reading →


Rosie on October 9, 2008. Continue Reading →

Making faces

Taken December 1, 2007. Happy birthday, Grandma! Continue Reading →

First birthday time-lapse

Today is Lucy’s first birthday! She was born at 8:49 am a year ago today — and every month since then she’s been sitting in the same chair for her “monthiversary” portrait. (We plan to keep doing this annually, as our friends the Abbeys have.) Here are the best eleven from Lucy’s monthiversaries. You can watch the year unfold! Continue Reading →